Andaman Naturalist

Nov 21, 2014 Posted by Vismaya 0 Comments

Introducing the 'Andaman Naturalist' program on the Infiniti Live-aboard .... more

Infiniti's itineraries for dive trips in the Andaman Islands (November 2014 – April 2015)

Nov 05, 2014 Posted by Infiniti Liveaboard 0 Comments

We are really looking forward to our second season of incredible scuba trips in the Andaman Islands. The season will run from November 2014 until end of April 2015. Many learnings from the first seas .... more

Five Reasons to go Wreck Diving

Sep 01, 2014 Posted by Sunil Bakshi 0 Comments

The article talks about wreck diving & five compelling reasons to go for it ! .... more

Dive Sites of Barren Island

Jul 04, 2014 Posted by Infiniti Live-aboard 0 Comments

Barren Island, one of the most easterly of the Andaman Islands in the Indian ocean, has turned out to be a major new revelation for incredible scuba diving. .... more

Importance of “classing” the boat

May 22, 2013 Posted by Infiniti-Diving 0 Comments

The Infiniti was custom designed and specially built (in Thailand) to a full RINA class certification i.e. inspected at every stage to ensure highest standards of quality. The certification was a majo .... more

Some commonly asked questions about liveaboards

May 22, 2013 Posted by Infinit-Diving 0 Comments

Question: Is a liveaboard only for experienced divers? Answer: No; and in fact, it is possible to get your basic certification done on a liveaboard. Liveaboards get divers of all levels. But, some of .... more

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