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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for choosing Infiniti Liveaboard as your trusted dive tour operator to visit Visayas Archipelago, Malapascua & Leyte Island and UNESCO World Heritage Site Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, the premier dive destinations in the Philippines.

Please bring along your dive certificates or temporary dive certificate. If you have lost your certificates, we can check online certificates for PADI. Your dive certificate is mandatory to dive on board Infiniti liveaboard.

If last time you went diving was more than six months ago and you have less than 30 logged dives you will be required to participate in a scuba review before departing on our liveaboard trip.Maximum depth for each individual diver is according to their training level (certification). However usually maximum dive depth wouldn’t exceed 30m.

Even though we plan our dives in a very conservative way, dive insurance is mandatory. As most of the dive sites are far from any hospital/recompression chamber, in case of diving related accidents your insurance has to cover emergency evacuation and recompression treatment. It is the diver’s responsibility to have adequate insurance cover for such activities as diving. If your insurance does not cover diving, please ask our staff before trip departure for the extra insurance cover. However your diving insurance is mandatory to Infiniti liveaboard. You can check Diveassure for your diving insurance needs here: https://diveassure.com/en-intl/diving-insurance/?pid=7073&gclid=CjwKCAjwtvnbBRA5EiwAcRvnpqny2Iya-kZochpOd6aHGECEIrLIZ7qQ-E1r7W7vzH8AG7JdcuxGnxoCrTgQAvD_BwE

All diving is guided on our boat with a maximum of 6 divers per guide. If you get separated from your dive group, search for no longer than a minute and ascend to the surface. Watch out for boat traffic before surfacing. At the surface inflate your buoyancy compensator and call the next boat close to you for assistance.

If you miss the dive briefing you will not be allowed to join the dive. You are required to do a buddy check before every single dive.

No alcohol is permitted before or between dives. Your first beer is after your last dive. Same rule applies for snorkelers.

It’s recommended that each buddy team dive with an SMB in order to signal to the dive tenders that you are ready to surface. Some boat traffic is to be expected in busier areas; however it is not necessary to drift with your SMB for the entire dive time. SMBs are provided free of charge. Reef hooks are not typically required but divers taking our Tubbataha itinerary may find them useful.

You are required to listen to the dive guides/Instructors. The dive guides/Instructors on the boat can prohibit participation on dives at their discretion based on lack of respect for National/Natural Park rules and regulations, or “handling” of any marine life, alcohol consumption between dives or not abiding by international safe diving rules. In this case we will not refund you for the missed dives.

Please note that the number of dives we list in any package is a best estimate based on normal circumstances, not a guarantee. Circumstances may arise during your dive trip (illness or personal choice) where the total number of dives done is less than the number we estimate. There will be no partial refunds in these circumstances.

Make sure that you drink enough fluids during the day to compensate for loss of water. Remember “Decompression Sickness” and ill-being is commonly associated with dehydration.

If your air consumption is high, you have an option of renting a 15 liter tank that will allow you and your group to stay longer underwater.

  • Min. air remaining in your tank at the surface is 50 bars.
  • Maximum dive time is 60 minutes, however dives may be shorter due to non-decompression time limits, air consumption or boat schedule requirements.
  • Stay close to your dive buddy and group.
  • Monitor your air gauge frequently.
  • A 5 min @ 5 meters safety stop is required before surfacing to the surface.
  • Inflate your BCD at the surface and pay attention to the dive guide/instructor for instructions during the pick up by the diving vessel.
  • If you are using a digital underwater camera you need to comply with the “Safe Diving” and the “Ecological Awareness” rules. If you can’t comply with these rules our guides or instructors may prohibit you to use the camera underwater.
  • If you are not confident with your diving skills we strongly recommend that you participate in a Scuba Review before trip departure.

    Apo, Bohol & Other trips/ Malapascua Threshers & Leyte Trip: OW certified, 10+ dives.

    Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park : Advanced with 50+ dives .

    Yes, there are, please take a look at our sample itinerary. However, they are recommended for advanced divers only.

    PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the world’s most popular and largest training association. Your PADI certificate is accepted in every dive center around the globe. Dive courses are conducted by our team of highly trained and multilingual Instructors who will provide you with the utmost care and attention.

    We can teach in English, Russian, and Filipino.

    Infiniti Liveaboard believes that safety is the most important aspect of diving. With that being said, the first step in this process is providing the novice and inexperienced diver with proper dive education. All courses include the corresponding PADI material and an experienced PADI instructor to answer any questions that you may have and to explain in more depth the diving knowledge. Please check with us about the courses offered and their prices.

    Yes, you can.

    AOW Certification Requirements

    For Advanced Open Water Diver, student divers have to meet the following performance requirements:

    1) Complete five Adventure Dives including Deep and Underwater Navigation.
    2) Complete the five Knowledge Reviews for the completed Adventure Dives.
    3) Complete Thinking like a Diver Knowledge

    Development section

    • Depth

    For divers age 15 or older – 30 metres/100 feet

    • Diver Prerequisites

    Certified as PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver

    • Equipment

    Each diver has a dive knife/tool, a compass and a dive computer (or timing device and eRDPml/RDP Table)

    Dive equipment is free to use on board. Please mention at the time of booking if you will be using our dive gear. A full set of gear includes: Scubapro BCD (Buoyancy Control Device), Scubapro regulator with alternate air source and tank pressure gauge (bar), 3mm short wetsuit, mask, snorkel, Seac closed heel fin, 12 liter Aluminum tank, weight belt, weights and a torch for night dive. Nitrox is USD 8/tank or USD 125 pp unlimited. Divers must have appropriate certification to use nitrox.

    Using our dive gear also means that you are responsible for it. If you lose or break any part of the gear, we will ask you to replace the lost or broken item.

    A 3 mm short wetsuit is included in our equipment sets. If you are prone to getting cold you can ask our dive staff to assist you to rent a full suit before trip departure.

    Extra dive gear can be rented or purchased during your check in; dive computer rental $40US per trip (free of charge if you book AOW, Deep adventures and EANx courses),

    Our equipment undergoes regular maintenance; however every diver has the responsibility to make sure the rental equipment works well. You are not a fish ;-) you rely on well-maintained dive equipment for safe diving.

    If you bring your own dive equipment make sure your equipment has gone through the annual inspection or mandatory service inspections.

    The water is comfortable for all the divers, but if you are prone to feeling very cold underwater, we can provide long wetsuit for you, free of charge. The long wetsuits are subjected to availability, please inquire in advance.

    Our boat complies with all Safety Standards regulated by the Coast Guard. They include: Automatic inflatable life rafts, throw-rings, life jackets (adults/minors), radio and satellite communications, navigation systems, chase boats, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, emergency oxygen kits, AED and crew trained to provide first aid. Cigarettes cannot be purchased on Infiniti liveaboard dive vessel. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only. Please don’t throw any cigarette butts (and any rubbish) into the ocean. Smoking is absolutely forbidden in all indoor areas including cabins, dive deck, in the saloon and dining area. You can recharge your electronic devices with the 220v plugs in your cabin or camera room. Please be advised that we will not be held liable for any damage occurred to your electronic device.

    The Philippines is a tropical country with an average temperature of 32°C (80°F). March to June is hot and dry (36°C); rains and typhoons abound from July to October; November to February is pleasantly cool (around 23°C) and dry. In mountainous regions, temperatures drop to about 15°C.

    We recommend you bring as little luggage as possible for liveaboard safari. Light clothing and a sweater for cooler evenings would be sufficient. T-shirts may be purchased at our boutique. We provide shampoo & shower gel in the cabins, however guests are advised to bring their own personal toiletries. We have a full complement of basic medical supplies that are available for guest to use free of charge, however any prescription medication should be brought with you.

    Please bring money to pay for extras on board, logbook, certification card, travel and diving insurance details, personal clothing/swimwear, including a light jacket or sweater, toothbrush/toothpaste, sunblock (please choose coral friendly products), prescription medicines.

    You may want to bring CDs, DVDs, books, laptop, mobile phone and camera. However, we do have a small selection of books, magazines and movies for your entertainment.

    Check in time for our live-aboard is between 11am - 4pm. Infiniti liveaboard departure time for the trips is at 5pm.

    As for check in process, usually besides checking certificates, insurance, equipment sizes, figuring out diver's experience and food requirements, sometime will be spent on filling additional forms, collecting national park fees, applying for insurance if guest doesn't have one and giving short briefing on rules on board, it takes about 25-35 minutes per guest (or small group, couple).

    After all guests checked in there is general boat and safety briefing, crew and dive staff introduction followed by dinner.

    Our liveaboard will disembark, after the trip, at Cebu/Puerto Princesa ports around 8am.  We will transfer you as soon as possible back to your hotel/airport.

    We provide transfer service at no extra charge to your local hotel (within 5 km radius of the local airport only) or the local airport. For hotels outside of the 5km radius, please arrange your own transfer to the port. We will request you to fill our guest information form with all the relevant information once your booking is confirmed. In case of a flight delay or cancellation, please let us know as soon as possible. We will try our best to delay our departure as long as it does not affect the schedule.

    The hotel stay is subject to personal additional expenses; however we can give some hotel suggestions based on good reviews:

    Cebu Mactan:

    Express Inn Mactan about 4.7km from airport, doesn’t provide breakfast and airport pick up.

    Palawan Puerto Princesa:

    One Manalo Place about 0.8km from the airport.
    Best Western Plus The Ivywall Hotel about 1km from airport; both provide free airport transfer services and breakfast.

    You can also check www.booking.com for more hotels and reviews.

    Routes for Visayas & Bohol and Malapascua & Leyte:

    Your arrival and departure airport will be Cebu Mactan Airport and we will confirm the pickup and drop off time and location upon confirmation of the booking.

    Routes for Tubbataha:

    Your arrival and departure airport will be Puerto Princesa International Airport and we will confirm the pickup and drop off time and location upon confirmation of the booking.

    Transfer Trip Visayas & Bohol & Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

    Your arrival airport will be Cebu Mactan International Airport in Cebu and departure airport will be Puerto Princesa International Airport in Puerto Princessa. We will confirm the pickup and drop off time and location upon confirmation of the booking.

    Transfer Trip: Tubbataha & Visayas & Bohol:

    Your arrival airport will be Puerto Princesa International Airport in Puerto Princesa and departure airport will be Cebu Mactan International Airport in Cebu. We will confirm pickup and drop off time and location upon the confirmation of the booking

    Important Tip: Please book your departing flight at least 24 hours after your last dive.

    It depends on which hotel you stay, however our staff will confirm the pick-up time with you before the embarkation day.

    Upon arrival in the airport, please look for our staff wearing a t-shirt with Infiniti Liveaboard logo. We will provide you the driver’s contact information well in time before the trip departure.

    In Cebu: Cebu yacht club is about 1.9km from Mactan airport.
    In Puerto Princessa: Port of Puerto Princesa or Bay Walk

    A dedicated chef & his assistant whip up delicious & nutritious meals all day and serve them in the dining area. The kitchen team specializes in delectable cuisine from all over world including Thai, Pilipino, Chinese, Indian and Western. All food is served buffet style with snacks and fruit available throughout the day. Our chefs abstain from the commonly used flavor enhancer Monosodium Glutamate (MSG or E 621) and we cater to special requests, however please limit those to allergies or religious beliefs only. Water, tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer and wine is free of charge, liquors available for purchase on boat. Rehydration and mineral salts are highly recommended and available free of charge. On special holidays, like Christmas, (Chinese) New Year and Easter our chef will prepare different menus for these festivals.

    We offer complimentary internet on all our trips. The speed and quality may vary. Cell phone coverage is stronger near the Islands of Cebu, Negros and Palawan. Tubbataha has no cell phone coverage.

    Please check our schedule on our website: www.infinitiliveaboard.com/all-trips.php

    You can reach our sales office at [email protected]

    We accept payment by wire transfer or credit card. Payment by credit card may be subject to additional charges. Please check with office for more information. To confirm your booking a 30% deposit is required within 72 hours of your reservation. The balance payment is due 60 days before the trip departure.

    Included: Included in the trip price are Transfers/pickup from the airport or local hotel ( within 5 km radius of the local airport ), twin/triple sharing accommodation, all meals*, snacks, water, juice, sodas, tea, coffee, beer and wine, full set of dive gear **(except dive computer), up to 4 dives with our expert dive guides.

    *Please mention any special dietary requirements at the time of booking. **Please specify the size at the time of booking

    Excluded/Extras: International & domestic flights, Dive Computer US 40$ for the trip, Nitrox is USD 8/tank or USD 125 pp unlimited, Dive/travel insurance (required prior to the departure), Fuel surcharge on all trips US100$, Marine Park & Port fees; 7D6N trips US 110$, 11D10N trips US175$ and 12D11N trips US190$. Staff gratuity ( discretionary)

    We prefer cash payment for onboard charges. Most major currencies, including USD , GBP, Euro and PHP are accepted onboard. For payment by credit card there will be a 3.5% surcharge.

    Fuel surcharge of US$100 pp and Marine Park and Port fees of US$110 pp for 7D6N trip: and US$190 pp for 12D11N trip are mandatory surcharges and are payable upon embarkation.

    Tipping is a matter of personal choice and is not obligatory. However if you feel our crew has made your holiday extra special then a gratuity is always appreciated and is shared equally amongst the on board crew. An envelope will be provided at the end of your cruise should you wish to show your appreciation. We regret we are unable to accept gratuities by credit card.

    Tubbataha Reef Natural Park is a 97,030-hectare Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Palawan, the westernmost Philippine province. It is located 150km southeast of Puerto Princesa City, at the heart of the Coral Triangle; the global center of marine biodiversity. Tubbataha is composed of two huge coral atolls – the north atoll and the south atoll – and the Jessie Beazley Reef, a smaller coral structure about 20 kilometers north of the atolls.

    The reefs of Tubbataha and Jessie Beazley are considered part of Cagayancillo, a remote island municipality roughly 130 kilometers to the northeast, inhabited mainly by fisher folk.

    Tubbataha dive season is just three months long, running from mid-March until mid-June. At this time of year diving conditions are usually optimum – clear skies, calm seas and visibility between 30 and 45 meters. Beyond this period it is not possible to dive in Tubbataha as the National Park is closed.

    From Manila, divers take one of the domestic flights to Puerto Princesa. Dive operators usually transport their guests from the airport to the pier, just minutes away, where their boat awaits.

    It takes around 10 hours to get to the Park from Puerto Princesa. Most dive boats leave after dinner and arrive in Tubbataha early the next morning. Some slower vessels leave the wharf earlier in order to arrive at Tubbataha by first light.

    To protect the reef from destruction and over-exploitation, every diver in Tubbataha must follow the Park Rules and Regulations. If you are a diver, please read Diving Best Practice to minimize your impacts on the reef. We expect your cooperation in preserving these beautiful areas and insist that you don’t touch or disturb any marine life. Flying drones is prohibited in Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park.

    Our itinerary is packed with diving activities as that is the main attraction of the trip. Non-divers can do snorkeling. We do encourage our guests to spend some time bird watching in Tubbataha as well.

    Yes, we usually encourage our guests to take the St Paul subterranean River Tour and spend an additional night in Puerto Princesa. This also allows divers to maximize the last day’s dives without violating the NO FLY Period. The St Paul Subterranean River is also a UNESCO World heritage Site just like Tubbataha.